Jiguar For Parents

With Jiguar Telehealth, Parents/Users can instantly connect with
doctors for medical care from Jiguar phone app.

Jiguar Connects you to healthcare professional based on your preferred
location where you can eVisit the doctor through single click process

Two ways to use jiguar for Telehealth

Jiguar provides telehealth services for
parents, Providers and schools.

It is convenient, secure and allows for collaborative remote care for the child!

Through Jiguar telemedicine and teletherapy, parents will not only connect to their favorite doctors through instant online scheduling appointment but can also have a group discussion with other family members and the school professionals at the same time video conference with their doctor. Through Jiguar teletherapy, the specialists and therapists can now take remote assessments, educate and coach parents, provide resources and provide the best care plan for the child.

Jiguar App For
all Parents

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